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PC2 Series and PC1X Audio Demos

■Stock Demos

Elements This demo by Chris Stevens covers a variety of styles (2.8 Mb)
Fandango A latin jazz tune by Tim Gilpin (1.4 Mb)
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair A well known piano piece by Debussy, performed by Lucy DeSa (2.1 Mb)
Precipice A solo piano piece in a modern vein, by Jordan Rudess (1.3 Mb)

■Orchestral ROM Option (PCR-1 / ROM 1) Demo

Symphonica This demo by Chris Stevens focuses on the samples in the new Orchestral ROM block for the PC2. (3.6Mb)

■Classic Keys ROM Option (ROM 2 / PCR-2) Demos

Trampler Trampled under D6
Stevie Dist Stevie Fuzz
Black Russian Black Cow Clav
Brunelle Joe's Clav
Step Wah MistakenIdentitySW
Funk Machine StopMakingSense
Sneaky Mambo Fagen Phaser
Blues Ending Studio Rhds
Rick's Lament Sly Ballad
SteelyFiller Black Friday
Planetarium Spaced Out Bach
SecretaryRock Gabriel's Melt
Saddest Key CP80 Enhanced
Pad Paradise Bladerunner ARP
ARP Fever Funkenstein's ARP
Hal's Theme Silent Sorrow
Tolkien Str Yesesis Tron Str
Tea W/Mackey Mellotron Flutes
Made For TV Warszawa Layers
Dream Off Dream On Session