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K2600 Performance guideとReference Guideは「Complete(完全版)」と「by Chapter(章ごと)」をご用意しております。また、マニュアル補遺やROMオプション追加情報もダウンロードしていただけます。

・Complete Manuals(完全版)
K2600 Performance Guide (4.6Mb)
K2600 Reference Guide (1.8Mb)

・Manuals by Chapter(章ごと)
K2600 Performance Guide Chapters 1 & 2(1.1Mb)
K2600 Performance Guide Chapters 3, 4, & 5(1MB)
K2600 Performance Guide Chapters 6, 7, & 8(1.1Mb)
K2600 Performance Guide Chapters 9 through 13(1.3Mb)
K2600 Performance Guide Chapters 14, 15, & 16(1.3MB)
K2600 Performance Guide Chapters 17 through 20, plus Appendix and Index(722k)
K2600 Reference Guide Chapters 1 through 9(1.2Mb)
K2600 Reference Guide Chapters 10 through Appendix D(1.3Mb)
K2600 Reference Guide Appendix E through Index(200k)

・Manual Addenda(マニュアル補遺)
K2600 Version 2 Supplement(640k)
K2600 Version 4 (GM Mode) User's Guide(177 Kb)
KDFX Version 2 Supplement(108k) For use with K2600 OS v3 and above
KDFX Algorithm Reference Manuals(1.1 Mb)

・ROM Option Supplements(ROMオプション追加情報)
Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM Block(72k)
Vintage Electric Pianos ROM Block(126k)
Best of Vast User's Guide (291 Kb) (includes new program/setup lists for v4 of the Base Objects)

K2600 ROM Installation Guide
K2600 PRAM Installation Guide




K2661 Getting Started Guide(3.8 Mb)
K2661 Musician's Guide(5.8 Mb)
K2661 Musician's Reference(8 Mb)

KDFX Algorithms part 1(972 Kb)
KDFX Algorithms part 2(777 Kb)
Stereo Dynamic Piano ROM Block(65 Kb)
Vintage Electric Pianos ROM Block(126 Kb)

K2661 ROM Option Installation Guide.pdf(204 Kb)